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November 5, 2019

Natural Light Studio in Springfield Missouri


Nothing makes me happier than my ever growing list of families that are a part of Esther Ziegler Studio! I love seeing all my families grow! I always say 18 months – 30 months is the hardest age to photograph. If I am being honest, often times you can leave a session feeling like it was chaotic from all the wild energy of your toddler. Trust me, that is every. single. family. with a toddler! I can say with full certainty, no one ever regrets doing a session! It’s amazing what beautiful moments you can capture when your toddler is going, going, going…even with many cranky moments in between the running. My goal is to embrace this age with my shooting style. To see what is happening and celebrate it, make art from it. Take a shot of them running away from the posed family shot, and instead capture how they run on their tippy toes!  Toddlers won’t be squirmy and they will lose that busy baby mode and slow down as they grow older. Celebrating their busy baby mode and that energy…that is part of it! That is exactly what you don’t realize you don’t want to forget. No session is a failure. Every year is worth documenting. You won’t realize everything you’ll miss until it’s gone. So schedule your session because toddlers are all crazy and that is the fun of it. 😉 My natural light photography studio is located in Springfield, Missouri. If you are a young family in 417 land, I would love to create meaningful portraits of your family.

Just got this new wooden airplane added to our natural studio props!

Kids often forget they are getting photographed and think they are just playing!

Cheerio breaks 🙂


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