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January 10, 2019

FAQ for Photographers

for photographers

Do you use presets?

I create a custom preset for each session based off of skin tone/hair color/clothing/natural white balance for the time of day.

Is that a seamless background?

Nope! Wall, 6 inch trim, and floor actually!

What are your floors?

White on white epoxy. They are done by Garage Experts with flake added for durability. It is not as flawless as it looks in camera. Definitely looks more industrial in person. It works perfect for me though! It was very very pricey.

How big is your studio?

500 square feet including the sitting area but not including restroom.

What is your light source?

All natural light!! Two big, low north facing windows and a glass door on one side! Check out bts IG highlights to get a better look at my studio.

What time of day do you shoot at?

I shoot various times between 9am-4pm because my son is in preschool but from sun up to sun down my studio as perfect light which I attribute to north facing windows. I never get shadows. White balance changes through the day some but I always shoot Kelvin.

How do you get your whites so white?

There is no great way to answer this. Shooting. Editing. Posing with light source. It is everything that makes up my 10 year career as a full time photographer. I’ve photographed more than 250 weddings with various lighting scenarios so I am very knowledgeable about white balance, shooting, editing, posing with my light source. I created my studio space committed to my creative vision and I would not be able to achieve my work just anywhere.

What color are your walls?

Ultra Pure White by Behr Marquee (took like 5 coats because it kept showing flaws because it had no pigment but I love it. Very true white!)

Can you show me a SOOC?

Do you sell presets?

No and I never will. I don’t have one I use. I have to create a different one for each session. I can teach how I edit though. 🙂

What is your most commonly used lens in your studio?

Canon 35 1.4 – 50%

Canon 50 1.2 – 45%

Canon 85 1.2 – 5%

What camera do you use?

Canon 5d Mark III

Do you do Mentorships?

I do one on one “ask all” FaceTime calls!

Business must be located 100+ miles from Springfield, Missouri

Ask anything about:

➝ my camera settings

➝ how I edit

➝ how I pose/my workflow/my prompts

➝ steps I took to open my studio

➝ or anything you think to ask!

*Heads up though, I don’t even own photoshop so I have no knowledge of that. Everything I have ever done in the past 10 years is accomplished in LR alone. I accomplish my work with ancient LR 4 (hahaha, yep!) and relatively old Canon 5d Mark III.



^^ Artificial light is always always off but this was snapped at dusk before my grand opening! Just a pull back of another corner of my studio.

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